Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 56: Kincaids Bayhouse Restaurant

Had an excellent meal at Kincaids Bayside Restaurant.  This was taken from the deck (with my crackberry, again) and the restaurant had 365 degree views of the bay.  It was close to the airport and I had a red-eye flight back to Boston on Friday night after the meeting.  Had dinner with a couple of friends from Pfizer and ate WAYYY too much food.  I don't every recall being so uncomfortable on a plane, which was completely full, and then having to fly all night.  Yes, it was hell.  I got a hangover halfway through the flight from the wine we had at dinner.  To top it off, I got home around 8:30am on Saturday, went to softball tryouts, and tore my calf muscle.  Should have warmed up first, I guess.

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